Hi! My name is Hervé Pfeiffer
and I’m That French Designer.

I’ve been a Graphic Designer for over 20 years, recently established in Glasgow, Scotland.

My career took me from a small printing shop in the centre of France to Head of Marketing & Communication, via working in big agencies in Paris.

My skills include: Brand Identity & Logo Design, Print & Magazine Layout, Illustration, Image Editing, Web & UI Design…

Whatever your project is, contact That French Designer:

    This website has been created with a base of WordPress, some teaks in the code and the marvellous Yellow Pencil plugin.

    That French Designer colours are called Lime and Kiwi and were chosen for their contrast and vibrancy, as well as their energy consumption on modern displays.

    The Space Grotesk font has been designed by Florian Karsten, and can be found here.